Day 11: Around and About Tokyo

I slept in, and then made my way to Roppongi in the afternoon. I was going to do a self-guided walking tour around the neighborhood but the streets of Tokyo weren’t exactly cooperating. Navigating this city seems to become more complicated in neighborhoods or areas with major train and subway stations. These typically also have massive shopping centers both above ground and underground, or massive building complexes to navigate. additionally it seems that subway stations have dozens of entrances and exits. You take the wrong one and you might end up half a kilometer away from where you intended. I think I spent most of my day trying to figure out where the hell I was at any one given moment.

In Roppongi I went to the Mori building intending to visit the Art Museum there. The museum was unfortunately closed today for a press preview of the new exhibition opening tomorrow. However the observation deck on the 52nd floor was open so I went to check out the city views.


View from observation deck of the Mori building, Roppongi.


Views from the Mori building, Roppongi

Since the art museum was closed, I decided to see what other interesting museums might be in the area to check out. And that’s when I discovered that there’s a Snoopy museum in Roppongi. (Insert smiley emoji here).

Suffice to say, I own an extensive collection of comic strips with several dozen books devoted to Peanuts. I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to visit a museum dedicated to this beloved cast of characters. It was so much fun. There were a lot of comic strips and fun facts about all the characters in the strips as well as memorabilia. And of course there’s a shop. I had a blast and this was definitely the highlight of my day.


The Snoopy museum

From there I decided to head to Shibuya. I wanted to see the crazy scramble in the streets and check out some of the shopping.


Waiting for the green light at shibuya crossing.


Around Shibuya

I pretty much spent the entire afternoon and evening wandering around, venturing into video arcades and other novelty shops with playing games and things. And of course I did a good amount of shopping. I got back to my hotel quite late and have been packing my things since. I’ll be checking out early in the morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of an adventure. I will be waking up early to catch a bus to Mt Fuji, which I will then hike for a day and a half.

For folks who are following me daily, don’t expect an update tomorrow night since I’ll be somewhere high up on Fuji and won’t be posting anything until I get back to Tokyo Thursday night.

Fuji here I come!



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